wolf related things

This is but an idea but some more synergy with the wolves would be sweet, as they are nobody ever really looks there way. So maybe a synergy item or tower that isnt the wolf skin thing, like I dont know ???? The wolf king/alpha similar maybe to the muli/huli relationship, but different.

Mhhm well... What about "Fenris the Lycantroph" Race: Nature Sex: Male Range: 2 Speed: Very fast Damage: Medium Domination: Takes over the Packlink of the wolves and beeing their leader. An additional +5% dmg per Level on the Wolves. Call to Hunt: Alle the wolves go rabid, Increasing speed by 100% and dmg by 200% (+2,5% / level of Fenris). (Cooldown 30seconds, time that the ability works: 3 Seconds) Rarity: Legendary Cardtext: Awhoooo! Shapeshifting hurts ;( Well whatever ^^ Probably instead of "Call to Hunt" there could be somethin like: Replaces Wolves with Werewolves. Increases the Packlink and Werewolves a a bit stronger then normal wolves. #Edit 1: Possibly we can try to do somethin like "Defending Terretory" and giving the wolves a slow or armor reducing ability when Fenris is played? Quite a few options Well ^^ here we go XD guess we have to work on this idea a bit XD