0.10.0 RC 2 is out!

Thanks everybody for the testing you did on RC 1 yesterday! I fixed the major problems you detected this morning: - Adjusted air path on the new map - Moved the second blessed spot on the new map - Tweaked tutorial text for trading cards - Summer edition :-D - Cleaned up main menu interface background I will create a new build and send out to the testers asap. New build is out! map-adjustments trade clean-interface-bg summer-edition

Where could I download the file? tnx

The release candidates are for the tester team, so that most problems with the new version are detected, before it is officially released. Do you want to sign up as a tester? Behold, as a tester you not only play the game, but also file bug reports etc. You're up for this?

Ahhh.. I understand. Maybe next time :D. I shall wait for the official release. Thank you

Hey Andy, I hope you don't mind but I saw Jhoijhoi playing next to me, and asked to try it out. If I find any bugs I'll message you personally rather than post it on the forum.

Speaking of which, how do I contact you only? I've already found a MAJOR bug that trivialized the game from start to finish.

I created a mantis account for you, too. Hope that's okay! This way you can report your finding. Btw. congrats to first first place in Shattered Plains bouns round ladder ;-)

Alright :-)

Thanks for the report! Fixed the major exploit today 8-)

I would like to be a tester.

Andy, I would like to be considered as a tester. I spend way too much time on this game. Has strong ties to the old youTD from Warcraft 3 and I would like to see and help this game continue to grow and improve.

That's fantastic :-) Welcome on board, then. I will add you to mantis and set you on the list for the next RC build!

Sweet, thanks. Also didn't mean to double post previously.