2 days of version 1.1

Just a little recap after 2 days of version 1.1 on Android.

Card Forge

The level 30 wizard dae pulled the first Loan Shark out of the card forge. Congratz to your first legendary hero! 30 more levels to go and you can use him!

Black Market

21 players already have this weekend's black market item. First black market customer ever was alex. Way to go!

Bonus round

86 players submitted at least one bonus round score so far. Well played everbody, well played :-)

Hey , just played on the new patch ... got a bug :D , i got an ITEM DROP > BLOOD DEMON's BLADE , which should be obtainable only trough summoning ... i have a blood demon , but i haven't placed it yet , and the blade , doesn't give ANY attack damage , it gives 0 . probably because it hasn't consumed any blood , but yeah. Just though i should share that , however i like the new patch updates =D

Dang! I created a hotfix, should go live this evening. Thanks for reporting this issue!