A long awaited adjustment...

After epic holidays it's time for some development! Here's an adjustment, that's been due for quite a bit. And I think it's really important for the next version to be done: The Shadow nerf! shadow-adjusted-card shadow-adjusted-ingame
I went with the suggestion by DerpMinh and removed the adaption on waves with Zod armor. When damaging Zod, it no longer increases the damage against all armor types by 3%. Instead, it counts as a regular hit on a random armor type. For instance, when adapting two times in a row on a challenge:
  • 1st hit: counts as Ber -> +3% against Ber, -1% against Fal and Vex.
  • 2nd hit: counts as Vex -> +3% against Vex, -1% against Fal and Ber.
The tower notification was changed as well: Instead of "Adapt!" it now displays the armor type that was adapted to, for instance "Ber!" or "Vex!". I really hope the description on the tower card explains it well and isn't too long. If you have suggestions for the card text or ideas to explain it in an easier way, I'm happy to hear about it!

Well it's a start already. Lets see how it works out but i really do think there have to be done more later on the road about the infinite stacking abilitys. But this start is much appreciated and lets see the impact on the ladder the next weeks ;) if that thing is already out ^^' Bit lazy about updatng stuff XD

Not yet out :-/ It will be part of the upcoming version 1.1!

Oh well ^^' Got Autoupdate deactivated and on the last big update i was about 2 weeks late...

Oh dear :-D Nope, will take 1-2 more months until the next update. But I will announce it in time on the blog, promised!

My laziness is my prob XD But thank you.