Abyss King WIP

Sorry in advance for the lack of updates. Been quite busy. Have a little work in progress for Manu's tower, the Abyss King. Let me know what you think.   Dark Knightwip

looks fancy. ;) I think the left leg looks thinner than the right? I know what you been up to Andy. :P Great job!

Andy didn't post that, I did. :p You may be right about the leg, it is complicated though. It's supposed to be further back from the viewer and you're looking at it in slightly profile and it's hidden under fabric. I might tweak it somewhat though.

Yeah sorry, didn't read that part. :P I know it's supposed to be that way, but maybe it's too much? That's just me tho. Still you said it yourself it's just a work in progress. It looks very good and I like it! :D you still have some time, so no rush on that. Have an awesome day, -Manu.

Awesome work, Brandon! Can't say how much I like this beast of sword. Really cool! Looking forward to the final artwork. PS: The legs look pretty solid to me!