Acolyte of Greed

This is my contribution to the set of new darkness towers. The Acolyte of Greed has a Battlecry ability, which is a new kind of tower ability. Battlecry is triggered, when you build the tower on the map! In case of the greedy acolyte, treasure goblins are summoned. acolyte

[audio mp3="https://mazebert.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/selected.mp3"][/audio]

This card should be a great addition to mid/endgame: - It might be better to build Acolyte cards than to transmute them - They serve as a tiny gold sink - They force more interaction (when to build?) How do you like this card? Would you like to see more cards with Battlecry in the game?

Super cool!! How does it work? Does it spawn a max of 20 goblins? I love the picture!

It spawns 2 goblins when the tower (at build time) is within level 1-25, 4 goblins when the tower is within level 25-50 and so on. Probably the description needs to be improved to be more clear about the effect. Any ideas to improve this are very welcome :-)

Now my question for this tower andy is: If you build an acolyte over an acolyte will it spawn trigger again? or not count because its same tower replacing itself? and With this type of ability being added has given me several other idea's for towers / items.

Yes, this effect is triggered whenever the card is played. Doesn't matter what tower you build on :-)

Hey what a great idea. Anything that spawns more items is a gooid thing but I have a couple of concerns. I only play easy mode atm so idk if this applies elsewhere but I hardly gey my main tower past the level 70 mark. So the lasr range of level seems scary hard to achieve. another thing that concerns me is unique towers only seem to spawn once and it seems the same for items and potions as well. Youtd you could get multiple tears of the goddess etc so why is it like this in mazebert? I personally would live to get more of that beautiful wisdom essence so my tower could reach the 75 to 99 cap more often or have like two excalibers haha. Thanks for your great work.

On easy you get 75% of exp, but it is indeed possible to reach level 99 on at least one tower. To me it seems that you place more than couple of towers and those towers steal exp from your main, you gotta consider that as it is now exp goes only to the tower that kill the creep. You can try to use some books so that your tower get more exp or Ganesha, which gives a bonus and gets a level whenever a tower in range levels up! Unique items and unique towers are in fact unique, this meaning they shouldn't drop more than once per game! Otherwise the game would be too easy. :)

@Manu The 75% less XP on easy affects only the gained XP for your wizard. The XP gained by towers is unaffected by the difficulty. Your other points are perfectly valid!

I think you should make some high grade items that spawn more than once but arent super op. Just better than a rare meat or something. I feel the game lacks excitement/unpredictability after these uniques spawn and theres not much else to look forward to once you get a few key items.