Acolyte of Greed in action

The Acolyte of Greed is implemented. In this video I replace a level 61 Ganesha with the Acolyte of Greed. Capture was done on my developer testmap, so don't worry about the 10x Essence of Wisdom! http://youtu.be/P01NguXwHj0 I also updated the text on the card with your feedback. [caption id="attachment_3762" align="alignleft" width="200"]Revised battlecry description. Revised battlecry description.[/caption]
What do you think? Will you use the Acolyte in your future builds?

It looks amazing and it's definitely gonna be used!

would definitely use it! i notice that the attack uses the same graphic as the mummy tower, but this tower is awesome and i think it deserves it's own unique attack graphic. how about the purple ball that it's holding in it's hand? seem more magical that way ;)