Are you absolutely sure?

hood_512 Alright guys, quite a few of you complained about Stifmeister as name for the new hero. Still he was the winner of the previous poll. As it was a relatively close result, I decided to do a final poll between the top 3 options. Honestly, I didn't know 'Stifmeister' refers to Stifler from American Pie when I added this option ;-) And I can understand the reasoning why this might not be appropriatly fitting in the current theme world of the game. But in the end the final decision is up to you! So. One more round on the new hero's name! [yop_poll id="20"]

Wohoo ;D Kvothe on 100% right now :> Well, just two votes done ;D but still!

hehe yeah rather kvothe than nameless ;)


I love dumb name like stiffmeister. Whoo.hoo.hoo

Didnt actually know that it would get so much vote. It just came as a crazy idea. Something different from other suggested names quoted from other games that seems to give of an air of seriousness. First time I played this game it seem to really be challenging at the same time fun and sort of comical. Hope it would still be. XD. Anywys, no hard feelings. ;-)