Armor Chart

Always wondered how much damage your Ber carrier is dealing against the next upcoming Fal wave? The following armor chart shows the current rock, paper, scissor approach.
Ber (armor) Fal (armor) Vex (armor)
Ber (attack) 100% 70% 130%
Fal (attack) 130% 100% 70%
Vex (attack) 70% 130% 100%
Thanks Lukas for the suggestion!

Topic: items I think uncommen/blue items are a bit to weak, except the medium t-bone-steak and the mushroom. The longbow is just usefull against air and has nearly the same dmgvalue as the medium t-bone-steak. Ring of greed would be usefull if we would have 6 itemslots like in youtd, with 4 slots its bonus isnt high enough. I never used handbag, cause atm there is no female tower which can carry in midgame. Maybe add a little atackspeed or gold modifier? The only tower which really works with the coins are pickpockets, but there they have their use. Not every item have to be good, but most uncommen/blue items fall back behind the common/white ones (boots, baby sword or t-bone). I think it doesnt feel right to put all uncommen items into the horadric cube ;)

Mmmh, I agree with you that ring of greed, longbow and handbag would benefit from a little buff -> ticket created. However, I find the monster teeth quite useful on the carrier if you lack crit chance. Gold coins are a nice support on thieves, so that's okay as well I think.

I forgot comletely about the teeth. They are great if you lack crit.

It would be nice, if the next wave button would be locked as long as the game is paused. I often missklick which calls serios problems ;)

Good call on that. I created a ticket, should be adjusted in the next version! Cheers! And congrats to level 50 in the ladder :-)

After saying a lot of things, which i think are to weak, its time to look at the enemys. Mass Waves are ways to easy. In my normal setup i dont build anything with Aoe, multitarget or chaining, and still mass waves are easy. You can beat masswaves which are strong against your carry tower easily. Even the mass chalenges are beatable with a bit aoe. The only moment, where masswaves are a problem is in wave1 and 2, cause you only have 1-2 towers. I think masswaves should get a moderat buff in live. Also there are really stong singletarget towers. I dont know how it will be with nerfed huli, but bosses arent a real problem either. Not like mass waves, but cause of the long way to go, bosses are a bit weak. I think they should get a minor live buff. Bosschalenges are ok like they are. Normal waves are just fine and sometimes chalenging even in lategame. Airwaves are Hard to beat but not to hard ;).

That's quite good input again. I was playing with the mass health modifier a few times already and I agree with you, right now masses are not challenging enough. Especially compared to YouTD where some masses could really screw you over. I'd give the current boss health mod another chance, especially when mass gets stronger and a few single target carrier get slightly nerfed in the next release. There is a ticket for this sprint about mass in the pipeline :-)

Found a little bug with itemdrops. sometimes 2 of the same item are dropping from enemys. Dont know exactly when this is triggered, but i got 2 Messerschmidts in one game :D

Oh that shouldn't be :-D Are the two items dropping from the same creep, like at the very same moment?

Yes, kill one creep, get 2 whatever at this moment.

Okay thanks! That helps a lot fixing it. PS: I fixed the other issues you found so far this evening :-)