Armor of a fat knight

We have our second blackmarket item for the upcoming Dawn of Light release. Armor of a fat knight is a legendary armor. The knight it belonged to was so fat, that the armor holds room for all towers around the carrier. They gain one inventory slot, but at the same time become a bit slower. Thanks Ghul for this sweet idea!

This seems pretty powerful. I'd wonder about how this would affect set bonuses. It also gives carry and support carries an extra space. Although, you were saying the game was harder than planned, so this buff could help. Oh, and the speed debuff applies to the whole area.

Yeah the speed debuff applies, too. And there is a cap of 6 max inventory slots, even if it would be higher - for instance this item, the lightblade set and the wizard power together would still result in only 6 slots.

Wonderfull Idea, great card. Thanks to Ghul and Andy. Good Job, well done!