Back again!

0010_scroll_512Back from my holidays! My, and what happened to the game in the meantime! Reached 25.000 downloads and 1.000 reviews on Android. This is quite epic :-) On the other hand it was really good for me to have two weeks of distance to the game (sorry bout all those pending forum posts of yours - I will reply properly to all of those soon). One thing stroke my mind at the end of my holidays: The current Wave Master skill/endless mode is not going in the right direction. The balancing of the game is designed that the beginning and mid of the game is very challenging, while the endgame (about wave 140 to 200) can still be challenging, but due to the nature of RNG the endgame can be quite relaxing with high DPS output and poor creeps being wiped out impressivly. This is intended and I like the rewarding experience after a good fight and struggle to get your defence right and towers eventually becoming IMBA. BUT. Waves 200 - 2000 are basically the same experience over and over. I feel efforts should be increased to make the 200 waves even more interesting and challenging and not taking efforts to balance towers for 2000 waves. An example for that is the aura of Knusperhexe, which had to be done much more complicated because of the potentialy 2000 waves. On the other hand I see the point that it is interesting for players to see how far they come with the defense they built, after winning the actual game, as some kind of indicator how good the defense was actually and to see the built towers in action. That's why I'd like to remove the Wave Master skill entirely and introduce a truly endless bonus round that can be played after finishing off the last horseman. During this bonus round there will be no more gold/drops/interest whatsoever. Plus, the creeps strength will increase significantly over time. Indicator for your defense's quality would then be the seconds of bonus round survival! I'd plan to implement a 2nd ladder, additional to the current one, where players can compete in how far they strived into bonus round with their defense. Although I see that it's always a bit problematic removing existing features, I think this bonus round concept will add a lot of value to the game and make it less repetitive after wave 200. Looking forward to hear your opinions on that! Cheers Andy

Welcome back Andy. I can't wait to see what ideas everyone comes up with. =D

wb. I think its the right way your headin with bonuswaves instead of wave-mastery

I like the 2nd ladder idea. It is like a "Last Stand" scenario lol

When is the next update? I cant wait for it anymore. I really like the game but its getting tiresome now since i was able to finished it many times already. Please please please. Update

It's gonna be pretty soon! I'm already feature complete for the next release, but I need a few more days for bugfixing, balancing and polishing. The changelog is getting more and more grey these days, yay! http://mazebert.com/forums/topic/changelog-0-9/