Bad news for all iOS users

We found that your app contains features that may infringe on rights owned by COM2US, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, we noticed your app is a tower defense game, TM by COM2US. Please provide documentary evidence that you have the rights to use this content to ensure compliance with the iOS Developer Program License Agreement.
Well, for now I'm just speechless. I don't understand how to obtain a trademark for an about 20 year old genre. Don't get me wrong "Tower Defense" from COM2US is a decent game, but ... Really guys?

This literally makes no sense, COM2US trademarked a genre?

For the ios version just call it mazebert and drop the TD. You can't trademark a genre lol. That is like saying ok Mario trademarks platformers so no other platformers could be made :D

Yeah, those guys are pretty much trolls. But still - the app is called Mazebert TD, not Mazebert Tower Defense. TD can stand for anything... But I guess you could just call it Mazebert Defense or something. Still pretty stupid though!

Yeah, it's really upsetting. I think (hope) the problem was that I had the wording in my game description "Mazebert TD is a very challenging tower defense". I changed that to "Mazebert TD is a very challenging card defense" :-) But they want me to upload a new binary, so it seems they want something in the game changed as well. I asked them in the resolution center what exactly needs to be changed in the app, but until now I got no response. If I don't hear anything back from them until next week I will resubmit the same binary and keep my fingers crossed.