Bear Hunter Lore

There's now lore for the Bear Hunter! These strange creatures walkin’ through the mountains? Well, the Bear Hunter reckons they must not’a heard that these forests are his, and that he don’t take kindly at all to trespassers. The Hunter’s snares normally trap black and brown bears, but he’s recently learned that they catch creeps just as easily. Hell, easier even. The bears eventually learn to avoid areas the Hunter has trapped, but the creeps? Those dumb sacks just keep marchin’ through the Hunter’s land, content to keep fillin’ the Hunter’s traps and his belly. Yes, the Bear Hunter’s eaten a lot of creep meat over the past few weeks. And while creep sure don’t cook or chew or taste as good as bear does, the Bear Hunter’s never been one to complain about scorin’ an easy meal. The Bear Hunter’s known lean times before, but for as long as this creep siege carries on, he won’t go to bed hungry.

This is exactly what I thought he'd be like xD

Hello. I lost my account. 68 Lvl if I remember correctly. It was called lixach. Can you help me? I was last seen about 2 days ago. And accidentally, the child deleted