Blood Demon, the first legendary tower!

Today I created the first legendary tower for the upcoming version 1.0! Blood Demon is very tricky kind of tower. I guess in most of the cases this little guy will screw you over. But who can resists those promised powers? Big thanks goes to niXful at this point, who had posted the idea for this tower on the forum. blood-demon-card blood-demon-summon blood-demon-inventory blood-demon-blade

Achievement Unlocked!!!! I hereby summon MazeBert WarLords! as all must bare witness grandiose ceremony. Glorifying ANDY, God of Mazebert as recognition bestow upon full authority on commercial or personal purposes of "blood demon tower" with freedom on conditions. Congratulations! Got excited LOL!! XD

I love how more and more possibilities are added to influence all kind of game mechanics creating even new strategies. Keep up the creat work im excited for 1.0 =)


i think it is OP. for this version of mobs anyway.

Thanks niXful :-)

It might be. We will see how strategies evolve around this guy. I mean, the price is pretty high... Build it and it's sudden death for you :-D

How to summon this legendary guy?

This tower can only drop it is part of your personal card deck. For that, you need to forge card relics in the card forge. It is said from time to time the card forge produces a legendary card :-)