Bonus round feedback

[caption id="attachment_2431" align="alignleft" width="200"]The new bonus round. The new bonus round.[/caption]Phew! Version 0.9 is out and I think there are some mixed feelings about it throughout the community. The new content received pretty good feedback so far, but the bonus round - replacing the previous Wave Master skill - heats up the discussion. Here is the poll I promised you! I'm looking forward to your opinion on the new bonus round! PS: I left the poll options brief, comments are very welcome :-)
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New Bonus round is good. But Wave Master is more exciting than the new bonus round. But it will become more exciting if it is on endless mode, so we can play us much as we can, survive as much as we can, make our towers powerful as much as we can, make experience as much as we can so we can be on the top of the ladder. Just saying. Anyways the game is Freaking Awesome!!! I am a Fan!

IMHO, this extra round type is far better than the former one. Why this? I'll just be concerning my point of view. My discussion is principally about game difficulties. With the older extra rounds, I always used to play in easy mode. Doing it in medium/hard was way too foolish. If you just happened to lose during the middle of the game, it was very frustrating. Now that the game has no more thousands of level, you can enjoy it more throughly in medium/hard. This way, even if you lose in the middle, it is not the same as doing it on level 500+. Also, with all those waves, the spirit of a true tower defense went missing. You just keep on filling your carry with plenty of potions as you got more. Therefore, I'd just prefer playing in hard mode for 200 rounds than doing it in easy for 2000. If you guys have voted for the older one, I hope it wasn't for leveling up more easily. Maybe, having both of them and letting the player choosing the preferred one wouldn't be so bad after all!

EDIT I meant "choose" on the last sentence. My mistake :)

I always loved wavemaster and trying to make my carry as strong as possible. I agree though that a true endless mode would be great. Maybe it just needs to get harder faster after 200 rounds :)

Maybe a wave master with bonus round at the end of what ever you set the waves at? I do like the bonus rounds but not the short 200 level game.

Andy, Keep the Bonus round, but give us the Opt to pick the amount of waves. =D I personally enjoy 1k waves, then when bonus round hits.. I could just walk off and let my phone run. Quick and simple.

bring bank the wave master, but after finishing all the waves then the bonus round comes in... :D

i mean "back" not "bank"

Thanks for your feedback! So basically you like the bonus round concept (as it is truly infinite waves in theory), but you would like to have regular card drops to further beef your towers?

Completely with you on that point :-) Same experience for me when I play the game, cause the wave master games became boring pretty fast after passing wave 200. The reason I removed the skill from the game in v0.9 was that I know certain people (count me in on that group), who always MUST complete the whole thing. Like if I see, wow there are 2000 waves possible I will try to beat it even if it's repetive. So I guess I just wanted to remove this kind of stress from the playing experience.

The problem with that approach would be that the upcoming bonus round ladder will be flawed quite heavily. Cause players doing more levels before will likely have beefed up their towers much more and thus be able to survive the bonus round much longer. The concept of bonus round was actually to have some indicator how skilled a player is :-) Cause what I see right now it's really a great deal of a challenge to survive long enough. So I thought there will be two ladders: - Current ladder (mix of skill & grinding progress wich is fun) - Bonus ladder (skill only)

Could work, although there is still the balancing issue I replied with on Zeek's comment.

Yes got the point. 1. card drops( tower, potion, and items) 2. re-spawn of the monster wave is to fast, after 5-6 waves it's become like 1 second at a time. the tower cant keep up, at this point we will just wait the bonus round to end. ( if possible 1 wave at the time but as the game get longer the monster will be come powerful or hard to kill) 3. i wish there is time and wave count in the bonus round, so we can see how longer we survive and how many wave we survive. 4. i wish you and another game mode, " WAVE MASTER MODE".

4. i wish you make another game mode, ” WAVE MASTER MODE”.

I mean - 4. I wish you make another game mode, ” WAVE MASTER MODE”.

I wish the poll option for "good but too short" had been more like "good, but there is something about it I would change." I like the bonus round a lot, and really hope you don't put the wave master skill back in (for reasons I will get into below), but I think it could use a couple of changes. First, I'd like to suggest a change to how it awards XP. Instead of giving big chunks of XP infrequently (which means that any progress you make in between the 100 XP chunks feels worthless if you don't make it to the next chunk), maybe have it give an equivalent amount of XP, but award it after each wave is either killed or walks off the map without killing you. This would also reduce the incentive to stall the last creep wave, since that wouldn't actually give you any more XP. Also, it would be nice if the XP awarded per wave/second/whatever for the bonus round got higher the longer you lasted. It would give more of an incentive to try for a good bonus round run. As to why I don't like the wave master skill: it encourages players to try to complete it, which is tedious, and will tend to lead to more mindless grindy play. Conversely, the bonus round is a much more exciting (and much less time-consuming) way to get a big XP payout if you had managed to get a really good tower layout before the 200th wave.

Still not there for iOS :( how long does it take? :/

I think it's not as much a matter of skill. Maybe more so strategy. With the drops and towers appearance being so random you can't truly get an accurate measure of skill. Also imo the new bonus round is boring. You can't do anything but sit there and wait. That's just as grindy as some are saying the wave master skill was. It leaves the game being way too short, and the only way you can still get drops is if you have dungeon goblin equipped or you have a dark forge tower.

In my opinion I think the bonus round is cool, but there's no fun in it. You wait for your towers to become too weak. For example, you survive the 200 first waves getting stronger and stronger, but then you have to deal without items, potions and new towers for X waves. It makes me sad to watch. I'm personally someone who doesn't like to lose, and to see my towers getting wrecked is frustrating. In a tower defense game there must be an option to upgrade your defense somehow. I like how short, and entertaining, the game has become with this update and I love the concept behind the bonus round, but I voted for the Wave Master Skill mainly because I can't stand having no drops at the bonus round. I do realize it would be a little bit confusing to have the screen full with spam from the drops. Lol. What I would suggest is to put the Wave Master Skill back and set its limit to 500 for entertainment. Then the bonus round with drops, and well you should put the drop notification somewhere else because it's a little bit annoying and I can't read all the drops within the three secs. Thanks for your time. ;)

Also I'm a bit afraid that both Soul Flask and Painkiller became of no use since I use them once in trouble. And well, you can survive about 10 more seconds if you use both of them in the bonus round. That is sad considering how actually good they were before and that they're unique.

That is true. It 's definitely strategy involved, but due to RNG pretty much improvisation skills throughout the game. It really would be nice to have some indicator to reward this improvisation skill ( 100s with THOSE drops, but this is probably almost impossible to measure. Good input! PS: I don't really think it is grindy, for that it is too short. Basically you can sit back, relax and see how good your defense really was...

It still 'waiting for review' on iTunes connect :-(

Good points you make here. Would it help if the bonus round creeps were different to the creeps we face throughout the entire game? For instance on the WC3 map Elements TD you had to face hords of Ronalds (Clowns) in the bonus round. Probably not clowns, but some neutral enemies, so that it is more obious those are testing your defense (in the end they get crushed.anyway, heeh) On the other point I am already brainstorming for solutions. One might be to alter wavemaster to n% drop chance in bonus round, and then exclude those games from the upcoming bonus round ladder, or better, have two bonus round ladders..

Honestly love this game. I got I not even 12hrs ago and im already obsessed. Ive only gotten to play 5 games or so but on my 4th try on my phone I beat easy mode, got 439sec In bonus mode (if I knew there was one I wouldve kept upping mr. Iron instead of speeding 40 waves lol) highest hit at 750k and highest total dmg at 650m not quite 0.1s hits. Just the way the game progresses and the different strategies you can use I love it. Been waiting to find a TD like this since I got my ipod 4 years ago. Great job 5 stars!

Finding it's almost impossible to get the blade of darkness now, and while you can give gib the new item set for attack speed. Just not enough time to level towers. I do love the new towers though. Ultra support tower in iron.

Hello, i love this game it's awesome, but the bonus round is quite tough... the waves come too fast and at some point my tower can't do anything about it. And it doesnt even last long before i get overrun and lose. The waves should come at a normal rate just like the normal ones or bring Master back!

Also if there is a way to have the winter music back in the actual game and not only menus? Would be amazing!

I like the new bonus round idea but please bring back the wave master. I prefer bonus round after wave 1500 for example. Then you can create a ladder for that bonus round, longest time on survival. With these, we can have the best of both worlds Lv 200 seems lacking and things just heating up from 100-200.

Yeah, what Mekster said about things heating up in levels 100-200 is true. Like that new att.speed bonus set, I got the last piece for it at level 180. Bonus round is not a good thing. It makes the game to be way too short. There could be two options, the bonus round or keep continuing with regular waves, BUT they would be like 350/xxxx rounds. Just put the new creeps HP up like 2.5%/lvl. Also, the XP that comes in every 60 secs on the bonus round is not enough. All the hard work ends up with a brick on your hand. 200 secs on bonus round = 300xp? Come on, make it at least to increase over time, or like someone already suggested, like first ten secs 1xp/sec, then 2xp/sec until 20 sec and so on. I like to see how far I can go, not that how long I last. With no offense meant and with good will in my heart, Dragoneses. We want the best game of all to be MazebertTD! (It is already in my top5 games, thanks to the developer.)

I only played 5 times since .9 released. I got bored on the new bonus round. hopefully wave master get back. please i beg you put it back this week Andy... :(