Bowling Ball

I'm working on a new item, a shiny bowling ball! It's called The Dude...


The ball adds a new active ability to the carrier to roll the ball. The bowling ball starts at your tower's location and follows the path to the waypoint where the creeps start. Ground creeps hit by the ball have a 20% chance to die instantly (Bosses cannot be killed but deflect the ball to the gutter!). bowling-ball ability-trigger


Creeps killed add up to your score for the roll, like in a real bowling game! The total score of the bowling game is then displayed on the card. score ball-rolling


To make things a bit more interesting there are new quests especially for this item. Players who own this card can get the daily quest Strike Machine. There will be a hidden quest related to the bowling ball, too! Has to remain secret for now, but it will be a very hard one, promised! bowling-quest

Other active abilities

Towers can now have more than one active ability. To distinguish the abilities, all existing abilities got a special icon, like Irish Pub in the screenshot. When Irish Pub carries a bowling ball, the second ability is simply displayed next to the built-in ability. pub-ability ability-trigger-pub

When do we get it?

The bowling ball will be released as a new Black Market item in version 1.2!

Well that opens up a whole can of worms, colour me excited to see this. Active Items could be very interesting to see.

Well i guess, active item are pretty hard to balance out. But well Andy, i have a little question about the cooldown of the item. Is the cooldown directly linked to the item itself or can you swap it between towers and get your cooldown reset to 0 or 40s that way? Another question: Lets say you have carry WAY WAY back, so you can make use of this item with your carry, does the tower get kills (for lets say Seelenrei├čer or knux/abyss ability, does it trigger on kill abilitys?) or even on hit procs? Does the item produce gold on kill, calculated with the tower stats? Like ahving 5 Bins around the tower using it...

Hey Ontrose, The cooldown is directly linked to the item! All on kill procs are triggered for the tower carrying the ball. On hit is not triggered by this item. Yes the gold you get is calculated with the gold bonus for this tower :-)

Thank you Andy =)

I think this item is Op, every 40 sec is way to fast. With slow creeps, you can bowl every round or so. 20 percent instant kill is to high, with 80 percent Luck Will give you 36 percent. The cooldown of irish pub is much longer for a reason. Items that grant an ability is good, this bowling Ball is just to good atm ;)

Every forty seconds isn't too nuts to me, especially considering air and boss waves are completely immune to it. On top of that, everything we've heard about it so far seems to imply the item is independant of the towers stats, so luck seems to be irrelevant. No point freaking out over balance before we've had a chance to try it.