Since it was such a close vote between Templar and Candle, I've now added the Candle as a rare light tower.
I'm still unsure if the 2 range on this tower is better than the original 1 range. Definitely need to do a few more test runs with this guy. The burning damage over time was not added, instead candle deals more damage against air. The burning DoT is something I have in mind for the next rare tower (Phoenix). Thanks @t4c1 for your idea!

Finally a basic anti-air Tower will reach the game. I'm very happy about your decision to keep t4c1s card idea.

Nice. Larger range will definitely make it more powerful.

Yeah, it's super cool idea, I'm excited to see how this tower will be used during the season.

At Twisted Paths and Shattered Plains the candle seems to be not the best choice for an early game anti air strategie. After flying to the Candle center the flying units will fly to the goal directly and won't continue their original route. Especially at these stages that can be very unfortune. I wondered a bit. Is that a part of the candle mechanics?