Challenge 0.3!

0024_stash_512 Well I know - a little bit delayed - but here is the official call for the next challenge! The Mazebert challenge for version 0.3 is on! How far can you make it? This time there are three challenges:
  1. Normal: Beat at least round 80 (Completed by Daniel)
    Reward: Item card
  2. Nightmare: Beat at least round 120 (Completed by Thomas)
    Reward: tower card
  3. Hell: Beat all rounds up to 200 (Completed by Alex)
    Reward: potion card
As always, just post a screenshot to Mazebert's facebook page to prove your score :-) Good luck everybody!

The first challenge was already completed by Daniel, two more to go!

Aaand the second challenge completed by Thomas !! Only Hell is left!

So after finishing the 200 levels a few observations: Poison frog seems to be the only viable solution for single target damage. (by far the highest dps even without the poison) Holgar seems really weak and pointless. Electric chair is also kind of ehh due to it's low range and damage making it really hard to get levels. There are some youtd style bugs: One causes items to become invisible (happened after I moved around my hades helm) One causes replacing towers to fail. (lost my manitou to that bug /:)

That's it! All challenges are closed for this version! Congrats Daniel, Thomas and Alex!

I think Holgar is not so bad. He doesn't waste his multishot (can attack single target with his axes), and when you give him a bit of mead he soon shows his full potential! Yeah maybe I nerfed Electric Chair a bit too much. I might need to have another look at it. But the ability to bounce at ANY creep on the map was quite powerful. Could you describe the item disappearing bug? How was the item invisible and could you get it back? Also, I am sorry you lost your manitou! How did the bug happen? If you replaced a built manitou with another tower, or selling manitou should be the only ways to lose this card. Thanks for the feedback!

I think, that the witch is to powerfull. Especially, the others are not powerfull enough. I can't find a solution for the game at 60+ without the witch. There should be some towers with a compareable power like her. On the other side there is a to big step at the tower prices. No towers exist in the range of 400 till 2000. This range could be nice for towers, which are powerfull like the witch.

Agreed! There should be more supporting uncommon towers with similar powers than the witch, to fill up the gap until the rare and unique towers kick in. Maybe your tower card will be such a support? ;-)