Challenge 0.8 - Foil cards

[caption id="attachment_993" align="alignleft" width="200"]Foil cards will come in the next version. Foil cards will come in the next version.[/caption]New version, new challenge for the community! This time it is about gameplay: Everyone, suggest a way to earn foil cards. The best idea will be implemented and the winner will be rewarded with a card of his/her choice. One feature I announced for 0.7 was the introduction of foil cards. Foil was half way implemented when I decided to drop it for 0.7. The main reason was, that I didn’t like how it changed the way I was playing the game. The way I implemented foil was: - A tower gains a foil level whenever the tower levels up - Anytime you replace a tower the foil level is reset to 1 - At foil level 50 you receive the foil card of the tower It's a nice concept, but it's contrary to the way the game should be played. The great thing about playing Mazebert is the fact that you can experiment and replace your tower as much as you like. With foil levels implemented I did tend to rather not replace the carry tower, which led to boring games which got lost in the end because of not adapting properly to the upcoming waves/incoming towers and items. The constraints for your suggestion are: - For now foil is just for tower cards - Earning foil cards should require game SKILLS - The concept for earning foil cards should be easy to understand - The difficulty for earning the corresponding foil card should vary from tower to tower I'm very excited about this challenge. For now, I've already seen so many different strategies and clever ideas from you, I didn't even think of when I implemented the game. So I think there will be a lot of fantastic ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to them. Very much! The challenge ends January, 5th. Please post your suggestions to this forum topic.

Here is my suggestion: Vary the requirements for each tower. Examples: Money Bin: Money generated from Money Bins is higher than X. Wolf: Deal X damage with a critical Hit. Herb Witch: Buff a single tower with X Herb Witches. (Those are only examples, the actual requirements are up to your imagination :-)) You could also make community challenges to decide on the requirements for specific foil cards. This suggestion might be a lot of work, but you could use them to make "mini"-challenges and give an incentive for The player to play with every tower and vary the carry-tower.

Nice! I added your suggestion to the forum post, too.

I think something like being able to successfully use that card as your main carry. How it tracks if that tower is your main carry IDK but that is my idea.