Christmas Present

This weekend, a special present will wait for you at the black market! I've heard it's a pretty bad-ass sword. [caption id="attachment_6649" align="alignleft" width="200"]What might it be? What might it be?[/caption] Wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas time! PS: Just noticed this morning that 59 players already purchased a black market item for 250 this night. You've got your 250 relics back and will get a present, too.

Merry Christmas bro.... Got seelenreiser... Thanxx a lot for the present

Damn, I spent all my points last week ((

Aww I missed this! Thought is appreciated though!

Shucks. Was this a unique item? Or was was it one of the previous items?

:( i have points but i dint know

i have the points but i dint know :(

Aw mssed it. Love the game