Christmas Present

Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time! To celebrate with you the black market has a present for all season players! From now until the end of the weekend you can get Eldritch Arms. All non season players should visit the black market this weekend. There will be another present waiting for you there. Enjoy your christmas holidays everybody! Stay safe & healthy.

Thank You! Thank You soooo much, Andy! Such a wonderful present! Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Best td in world

: D

Thanks !

Merry Christmas Andy!

Прива народ

Merry Christmas

Thanks! Are we getting presents again next week for new year? Hehehe



How to access black market?

In the main menu, select My Wizard, go down to the area called My Cards, and select the face to the right of it. It's only open on weekends


may i get present now?! i'm late)

No it is only active for a short time

Isnt it called xmas present? xD

The item will be available in the black market on future weekends for 200. The free present was only for the holiday weekend.

What is multi crit?

Multicrit means that additional critical hits occur with a reduced Chance to crit the higher multicrit when your tower hit the creep. In game you cant see the extra hits since there is still just 1 number showing up but the dmg is increasing a lot. E.g. you have multicrit 3 and 100% crit Chance, you have 1 guaranteed crit, a Chance of roundabout 80% for second crit with the same dmg value and roundabout 64% Chance that another crit occurs with the same dmg. So you have the Chance of roundabout 50% for triple dmg and 80% for dbl damage per hit. For multicrit 4 with 100% crit chance, it would mean 1 hit for sure crit, second crit At 80%, third crit at 64% and 4th crit at 51%. That makes roundabout 25% for 4x dmg, 50% for 3x dmg, 80% Chance for dbl dmg and 100% for simple crit. To have guaranteed 4 crits hitting the creep your critical hit Chance has to be at least at 210% roughly. But with 210% crit Chance you do 5 times the damage you would do normally without multicrit. Long Story Short you hit the Target harder with more multicrit and high crit hit Chance.

guys how do you make the black market show up? i dont see any items there even though its a weekend.

Mazebert app > My Wizard > button to the right of "My Cards""