Common darkness towers vote


We need 7 more darkness towers

One of them, the Acolyte of Greed is already known. But who will be the others? Your vote counts! We start with common towers today (2 needed). These are the towers you can vote for:

Small Spider

White gem Cost 42 Range 4 Damage 5-9 Attack CD 2s Female Effects: Spin Web: Each attack has a 12% chance (7^ chance against bosses) to slow a creep by 21% (15% against bosses) for 5s. +.1% per level Hint: Would be possible to extend this tower concept with future rarities: Queen Spider

Novice Wizard

Darkness range 3 Speed 2.5 Damage 2-9 Book of Spells: On attack (5% +.05% per level) to cast a spell from his book, but each spell has a (25% -.025% per level) to backfire Time warp: Move the creep backwards 3 seconds , Backfire: move the creep forward 3 spots Banishment: Causes the creep to take 50% more damage for 3 seconds , Backfire: Reduce damage taken by 25%


Cost 54 Range 3 Damage 6-15 Attack CD 2.5s Has a 10% chance on attack to frighten a creep so that is runs for 1s in the opposite direction.

Mt. Kaliasa (Abode)

Effect: Mass slow This would be more of a support tower to help with mass and mass challenge waves. Damage would be weak but maybe give a bonus to flying targets (Since it is a mountain after all). Hint: Would be possible to extend this tower concept with future rarities: Forum thread


Male Normal tower (white gem) Attack 4-16 (you decide I’m not really good at this) 2 or 3 range (your call) Effect: Bloody knives: the target receives a 30% of bleed damage and enemies in 1 range receive 10% of splash damage. +5% every 19 levels.

Vote now and join the dark side!

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are we only voting on Commons atm?

Yes, he planned the poll this way so we get to vote more than just one tower.

yeah i realized that after re reading the post lol

I was deciding between baby spider & novice wizard. and i felt that these two could expand well in the future (baby spider to male spider to female spider to queen spider / novice wizard to ??? to ???) when a male spider is build over a baby spider, it will have it's own male spider abilities & baby spider abilities. we never had any tower with abilities of their own And another tower's ability.

How long are the polls going to go for with Each Set? because if its a long period per set of towers (white blue yellow purple) then darkness will still be weak for a very long time (voting time + the time for you to create / test/ balance each new tower). Possibly have the polls last 2-3 days max? and on last day have the next one open up or something?

Patience :-) I will close this poll and start the next one on Friday. During the next vote I shall start drawing and implementing the common winners.

alrighty awesome, doing amazing work man

Please don't let the poll last this much. I believe an entire week it's simply too much.

And why exactly is it too long? We can all only vote once. Being up for a week has allowed more people to come in and voice their opinion and I bet a lot of the people voting didn't know it was going on at first. It's not like the voting period is holding Andy up. I'm pretty sure it's going to take him quite a while to code and draw and set up all the stuff. I'm pretty sure no one else is helping him so what's the rush? More votes= more voices of the community.

I agree with manu

If they didn't vote in the first two / three days chances are they didn't know about it at all

Alright, let's keep the poll open for a month then, people might come in and vote.

Friday is the perfect day for me to start the new poll. Many people vote over the weekend, but some are doing other non-pc stuff on their weekends, so those have the chance to vote during the week as well. Also, I don't even know if I can manage to create two towers in a week, besides the other stuff I'm doing for release 0.11 right now. Prepare for something big ;-) Cheers!