Common light towers - vote now!

Gosh, I'm a bit overwhelmed by how many fantastic ideas you came up with! It took some time to look through all threads and get the poll together. But here it is! Note that you are voting on the general mechanic of each tower submission. All balancing related numbers are still subject to change. The top three suggestions with the most votes will be implemented. Every player has exactly one vote, so use it wisely. PS: I used the public holiday to scribble on the Adventurer, which is clearly in the lead at the moment. Don't forget to vote! There are lots of great ideas in the pool and it's very close.

Vote for your favorite common light tower (closed, thanks for voting)

Adventurer 6 25%
Guardsman 4 16.7%
Unicorn Wannabe 3 12.5%
Gargoyle 3 12.5%
Force Apprentice 2 8.3%
Priest 2 8.3%
Prism 1 4.2%
Laser Pointer 1 4.2%
Illuminating Crystal 1 4.2%
Crystal 1 4.2%
Sunbeam 0 0%
Cupid 0 0%

I'll admit, I really like Adventurer, but would love to see Gargoyle art :D

I'd love to see the force apprentice take action but I also love to see the gargoyle

In my opinion, Force Apprentice and Gargoyle are the same card, but with a different graphic and lore. I think their votes should be combined and the one with higher votes should be the one chosen out of the two. Edit: That drawing looks great! How much of the art in the game did you draw? It seemed like most of it was taken from an open art-bank. I did see a mention that you drew Solea. Any others?


Hm, cant decide between sunbeam and guardsmen. But priest also looks interesting.

Over all Prism is the most unique of them all. Maybe tweek the mechanics juz a little bit. Its concepts have great potentials and strengths and as well as draw backs which makes it an intriguing tower to work with.

Vote priest!