Creep abilities

[latexpage] Creep abilities will make the next release even more interesting. Every wave of creeps can have up to two random abilities. [caption id="attachment_677" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Creep abilities will be one of the main features of version 0.5 Creep abilities will be one of the main features of version 0.5[/caption] The following abilities are possible right now:
  • Fast: Creeps run 50% faster, but their health is reduced.
  • Slow: Creeps run 33% slower, but their health is increased.
  • Wisom: Creeps grant 60% more XP.
  • Rich: Creeps grant 60% more gold.
  • Armor: The armor of creeps is increased by 30.
For the armor ability to work, the concept of armor was finally added to the game. Basically, the armor of a creep is the current round of the game. So for instance, the first round will have an armor of 1, the second round and armor of 2 and so on. How much the armor protects a creep from receiving damage, is denoted by the following formula: \begin{equation} \label{eq:poly} f(x)=min(0.0000125 * x^2, 0.8) \end{equation} The maximum protection, a creep can ever get from armor is 80% damage reduction. Right now the theoretical maximum would be a creep at round 200 with Armor, resulting in an armor value of 230, meaning 66.1% damage reduction. Armor won't affect the early gameplay very much, but for late game it will become more and more interesting. [caption id="attachment_691" align="aligncenter" width="480"]The armor function used by the engine. The armor function used by the engine.[/caption] By the way, the game mechanics already accounted for negative armor as well! The formula is the same, but with negative armor the received damage of the creep will be increased instead. This is a shout out for new towers and items with armor reduction effect :-)

Good afternoon Author. Your game will make big success. I am the big fan of the YouTD map for WC3. I from Russia, and here games from a line of TD are very popular. Problem only that 99% of inhabitants of our country don't know English. It would be good to include Russian support in settings. I offer you assistance in translation of Mazebert TD into Russian. Tell me your opinion about it.

Hi, thanks for the heads up! That's a really great offer. Unfortunately, right now the game has no multi-language support. For the alpha releases I spared the localization effort so far, to develop as fast as possible and add the localization feature as one of the last bits, when all parts are 99% ready for a beta release. When the time is right, may I come back to your offer? Cheers, Andy

Yes of course

Is this still how the damage reduction for armor is calculated? If so, wouldn't the armor reduction aura from the witch not mean anything after ~wave 370?

It's still like that, yes! You're right about the witch, yes.