Darkness Tower vote completed!

Today the unique poll closed. Abyss Walker is the clear winner with 26 votes! Congratulations, ManuWins! This means the darkness tower vote is complete. Here is the comprehensive list of all winners: Novice Wizard by syotos - (32 votes) Small Spider by Vigi - (28 votes) Black Priest by icen - (28 votes) Solara, The Fire Elemental by Spirrow - (14 votes) The Ripper by syotos - (22 votes) Imp Mines by andy p. - (18 votes) Acolyte of Greed by Andy - (out of competition) Abyss Walker by ManuWins - (26 votes)

What about Next update?

Well, work on the towers is in progress... 3 towers are already done. I finished the artwork of Black Priest today, hope to finish the priest this weekend. My internal goal for the next release is beginning of October! black_priest

Yay! :D

was really looking forward to that spirit , it would of been an awesome addition to game (no not my tower creation)

Congrats @ManuWins! :-) Nice illustration for the Black Priest @Andy! Love it.

Thanks syotos for supportibg the spirit. I was also praying of it to win. Abyss Walker is a nice idea and won fare and square. Needless to say I am pretty much looking forward to playing it in the game (abyss walker).

Thank buddy! I also liked the idea very much. It's a shame only one could have won. But who knows, maybe we'll see it in the future. :)