Different Ripper Versions

Photobased the original and 2 alt design ripper versions so you might get an idea of how each would kinda look in-game.the ripper

i liked the first one the best, only i liked with the alternatives was the extra knives on his chest and boot they where nice the others too only i did not like was the red bandana kinda look like a clown's nose when ingame size

I would sescond MRDRR's comment.

Or maybe you could include the new design on the hood and the knives, while still keeping the darker look of the first one.

Also don't like the red/blue color that much. In the in-game version it really looks a bit like a clown's nose. The mid-dark look with the initial coloring of his mask and chest would be my favorite!

i dont know if it works but would be kinda cool with some bloodstains on his clothes