Easter egg on black market

chick_eggshell This weekend there's a special egg waiting for you at black market. Happy easter!

Can't wait to see what it is!

Has this been released yet? I haven't been able to get it, or find were to get it.

Yes! It is the card offered by the black market this weekend. It is not a regular black market card.

Ah so its not free like the christmas present? I thought it was my bad

Ah no sorry for that. It's just an easter egg that the black market pulls something out it usually doesn't.

Aw damn, I didn't have enough... What'd I miss?

Kiwi egg, haven't had the chance to use it in game yet, but from what i've seen it is a pretty meh tower.

Aw. I need to get back in to things. I have 23 Card Relics left. I'm very poor.