Element selection

This is the last feature added to 0.10.0 - Element selection! During the game, only towers of the chosen element(s) will drop. This should spice up strategy choices! Tomorrow I plan to fix the last two open Mantis tickets and send RC 3 to the testers. element-selection-startscreen element-selection

Hi @Andy, How does the element selection work? Can you unlock all three elements in one playthrough? I ask because Darkness doesn't really have many towers, but despite that, has some of the best towers in the game, making me believe that the other two elements may be underplayed.

Should you make an exception for unique towers? My concern is that apart from maybe Metropolis, you definitely don't want to be limiting your team choices due to loss of Ganesha and Manitou in Nature and Knusperhexe and Dark Forge in Darkness, which range from very useful to outright required for good bonus round runs

Actually I take that back, Metropolis has Mr Iron and Scarface, so my concern now really is, would you ever actually want to limit your tower choices? It seems like you'd be simply handicapping yourself in the long run.

I think this is a great idea! Warlemming is making a good point: long runs will be hard as heck. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing new towers to balance things out!

No Viking and Laser Satellite in one run? Hm...

The creator is allowing us to customize our game options to play different styles with different challenges. I'm not really following the concerns. If your goal is to get the longest bonus round possible, wouldn't you just choose them all? Longest bonus round with only Nature is a completely different task, with its own difficulties. Sounds like more fun to me.

Exactly. By default, all three elements are selected like it is the case now already. It is up to the player to choose if elements should be left out or not. For some crazy builds this might be helpful, for others maybe not :-) It's up to you!

I belive people were under the impression that you only got ONE of the elements and couldn't choose all three.

Yes, it's not really clear from the screenshot. My bad :-)