Endless mode impressions

Well, 0.8 is out there for almost a week now and I think one of the top features is the new endless mode. In case you haven't seen it yet, it is a player skill that unlocks at level 40. The community posted a huge amount of strategies how to beat this mode (which, to be honest, I thought wouldn't be possible to beat at all). What's extermely nice about these strategies is their creativity. During this week, every new post about beating endless mode made me smile at some point, just thinking: Oh damn, you didn't consider this, how good is that?!. For myself, I didn't beat endless mode yet, but it's on top of my todo list :-) Today Dodging Rain posted his endless mode experience with Bear Hunter, a fabulous readthrough. The screenshots after 1000 waves simply kick ass! iT2n84I l2Upry2

Hi Folks, I Beat the endless mode yesterday, started with lvl 47, it was fun, though i simple out everything in my shadow tower and so i couldnt Beat the mass challenges, everything Else no Problem, 2 Gib and every horseman is no Problem at all... But i wish For more items... It is Kinda boring after 170lvl you have everything you need, after that it is just waiting for next horseman and then use all potions, then kick ass.. I like it, and i am looking forward for more updates

Thanks Jay! More updates, items, towers and potions will be coming, don't worry :-)