Fan Feedback

The first fan feedback poll on this site. Be sure not to miss it :-) I'm interested to see what's on your most-wanted list for Mazebert TD! [yop_poll id="2"]

As far as my opinion is concerned, additional towers/items (and eventually the fix of some of them) is the way to go until version 1.0 is reached. Anyway, even if I don't have any idea of the actual implementation of the game, I wonder wouldn't it be nice adding a map editor in order to let players creating their own maps and sharing them along with other players? Clearly, no one would ever expect this feature coming for the next update, it's just an advice for the next ones!

The map editor is a really sweet idea. I like it alot! This would probably be done using a standalone windows/mac app. However I agree with you, its probably something to keep in mind for some of the next releases.
and eventually the fix of some of them
So right about that one :-( Getting closer to the next release though!

I really wanna see this game becoming a multi-player TD. Having players come together to build an empire to defend against mobs of enemies striking your empire during different times of the day. I would also like to see rare items that are not guaranteed obtainable in every single game. This adds the fun of item hunting after level 200!

I love coop TDs! This would be so awesome, that's for sure! I used to play WC3 TDs in lan mode with a friend in the evenings, was just brilliant. The defending of a shared empire sounds cool :-) But how would you imagine it in terms of gameplay?