Fan feedback results: A new tower!

user-towerThank you for participating in the fan feedback survey! Most of you really like to see new towers (39%) closly followed by a new map (37%) for the game. Because it is the easier part, let's start with new towers! During the past month you posted 16 tower ideas to the forum. I know that's a lot to choose from, but let's take user generated content seriously! I added every idea to a new poll, so every tower idea has an even chance. The tower with the most votes will be implemented in version 0.9! Spread the word! You have time until Monday to convince your friends and families that your tower is the best and to vote for you! I'm super excited about the results! [yop_poll id="3"]

Hello Andy I was just wondering how much time this update will take before coming out? Also, is there something else besides what you've already posted on the forum? If you want to keep it a secret, then do it, of course. But please, don't get me wrong. I'm not in a big hurry and as it is for now I don't need any update for keep enjoying the game. It's just a matter of curiosity!

Hey there! I hope to release the update next week to the app stores. So very soon. Also this means I won't add much more stuff, finally coming to an end :-) Last bit will be the community tower!

If you could make a female dot tower, so we could play off the handbag in early rounds, that would be fantastic.

This might happen sooner than you think :-)

Poison tower with slow effect, with a range like shadow

I don't know why but I liked this vote :D

Hey Andy I honestly think that player came up with wonderful ideas, and that cutting some tower ideas out of the polling would be a great pity. Are you allowing multiple acceptances? 'Cause, according to what you wrote above there, the winner will be only a single one. It would be nice if you could allow a max of 3 towers from this poll. Not that I've suggested this for having benefit. Actually, none of the proposals are mine!

I feel the same! For this poll there will be just one winner, cause I want to include the tower in 0.9, on the other hand I really want to release 0.9 very soon (next week, yeah!!). And I wont make more than 1 tower in time :-) On the other hand, the remaining tower ideas won't be lost. There will be another poll for the version after 0.9 and towers who got at least a few votes out of the current poll will be taken over to the next one and asked again.

Very well then. I can clearly see your point. And as for keeping the middle voted towers for this poll, I firmly agree with you. Losing such ideas would be a great waste! I don't have anything left but to wait for your release ;)