Finally: A main menu

One of the main features of the next release is halfway done: The main menu! [caption id="attachment_603" align="aligncenter" width="200"]The icy look of the new main menu. The icy look of the new main menu.[/caption] The first two buttons are already implemented. By tapping "Resume game" you can continue your epic quest to become a true Mazebert anytime, even after you closed the app, or if your OS decided to shut it down after a while of not playing. The new autosave functionality is working very, very well already, storing your progress during the game every round. I'm not sure if the other two items will make it to the next release, but I'm very excited about them. I always wanted to code a tutorial for a game and from the feedback I receied so far from you, it definitely seems to make sense for Mazebert. The icon based interface does not explain itself very well. Plus, making the credits of a game is always fun! What do you think about it, is there something you are missing in the menu? How do you feel about the icy look?