Finished bonus round ladder

ladderToday I used the public holiday to finish the bonus round ladder for the upcoming release. I also implemented some AJAX magic to beef up the ladder loading in general. Recently loading the ladder became terribly slow. You can have a look at the new implementation of the ladder here. It's not live yet and actually running on my dev database, so all values displayed are outdated as they are from a previous snapshot. Ha, I'm excited for these rows to get filled with data soon! Let me know what you think about it :-)

Looking good boss! I've been awfully busy as of late but still check in here everyday. Cant wait to get back to mazeberting especially with all the amazing changes and the better ones you have in store to come! Cheers mate.

Lets get it on...

Nice! ( there could be more than that 500 waves, tho )

Btw, any idea on ETA of the bugfix?

Hopefully end of next week, but I can't promise it!

Looking forward to seeing the survival bonus round ladder!

sorry i dont know where to post this i have an error when i try to play mazebert in my pc when i run it it says "Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong renderMode or missing device support." how can i fix it

Sorry to hear that :-( This error sounds like your graphics card does not support a mode with hardware 3d acceleration. Do you know the type of graphics card you use? How old is your PC? Actually I haven't thought that this might happen :-D