First alpha release

icon The first alpha release of Mazebert is ready for download! Please note that this is an alpha release, not the final app. In fact it is FAR AWAY from being the final app. But it can be played already.

Release notes

  • This alpha release is a desktop version of a game intended to be a phone app. So operating it by mouse and not touch might feel weird in the first place.
  • In this version you can build all towers that have been created so far. No gold limit, no tower cards that need to be dropped.
  • There are no items or potions yet. Without such support the game will become DIFFICULT very soon!
  • Happy building! This release has 9 towers you can play with.

Hi Andy, great work so far! I think the picking of the buildingspots still needs improvement, i often accidentally seem to rebuild fields already occupied instead of building something on a free spot right next to it... also, i don't unterstand why sometimes there a 4 icons popping up (and what they all mean) and sometimes only the building icon. greets & keep it up, mo

Hey Mo, thanks for the feedback! You are right about the picking. Right now towers in front make it really hard or impossible to build something behind them. Currently I'm considering to implement some kind of fingerprint-casting :-) or change the map a little bit. Maybe also a combination of those two things. The issue is scheduled for the next release! Ah! If you select an unoccupied spot you can only build something there. If you select a tower, you have more options. a) Replace with other tower (experience, stats, items etc will be transferred to the new tower) b) View tower inventory (not implemented yet) c) View tower stats (not implemented yet) d) Sell tower for gold (not implemented yet) Cheers, Andy

Haha, thought about suggesting fingerprint-casting,. too :D But aren't the towers in front actually quite irrelevant for picking, because the bigger they are, the less space the leave for picking the spot behind? Maybe just picking the groundplane always should do it, whether there is a tower covering it or not? Maybe implementing a small outline render of each groundplane over the built towers would help.. Well, maybe it would look strange... But it could be more convenient to always pick by groundplane.. You could also implement a quick highlight/glow after picking the groundplane for better picking feedback and for understanding how it works...

That's actually a good idea worth checking out. If changing the map does not work out to the better, that's probably the first thing I will try out next. I already created a ticket for your findings in my bugtracker and scheduled for v0.1.1 :-D

nice! :D