Foil cards

In the next version you will be able to get a foil edition for every tower card that's available. [caption id="attachment_993" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Foil cards will come in the next version. Foil cards will come in the next version.[/caption] Different to games like Magic: The Gathering, you won't have to open a bunch of boosters to finally get the foil edition. In Mazebert, you need to earn it by your skills playing the game! The objective to get the foil edition of a card is simple: Level up a tower 50 levels in a row, without replacing it with another one. That's it! Some towers will be easier than others and some might be completely impossible. But from what I've seen so far from you playing the game - There doesn't seem to be very much impossible for you at all. So I'm quite confident about it. Oh, and there will be a new ladder where players compete in how many foil cards they already earned! Thanks @florieger for the great discussion and ideas for this, during watching the Hearthstone panel on BlizzCon!

Any way to disable key of wisdom xp ? Would be too easy if luckyto get more than one.

That's right. Would be another reason to make this item unique!

are foiled cards cumulative? In the ladder I mean.

The whole foil card concept is a little bit on ice right now :-/ Internally I'm working out a few concepts already how foil cards should be gathered. But this will be a suprise in the end ;-) Depending on how they are gathered it could be cumulative or not... But the original idea was that each player profile has attached wich foil cards this profile owns. Not the amount of times the foil card was won.

So it would be like having a permanent power up? Then I'm not liking this much. :/ I understood that it was a 'level 2' tower. I wanna share a new concept for this. -Everytime a tower makes 50 levels on its own (no replacing) , it becomes a foiled card. (+ 1 foiled card ladder, + X exp). -As a foiled card, the tower gains a bonus. (what @Thomadin suggested). + Extra: A section in the menu where one can see how many and what foiled cards he/she obtained. The appearance would be like the normal in-game deck.