Forum closed to readonly mode

Due to heavy spammer attacks the forum is currently in readonly mode. I've cleaned the database from all 30.000 spam posts (why do people post this disgusting stuff?). Currently I'm looking for ways to prevent further spam in the forum. Akismet Anti-Spam doesn't seem to be enough anymore.

So, Mazebert is completely discontinued now? I have the game installed since around 1-2 months the game shows up on Play Store, until now. Phone changed twice, this game always installed. It would be really sad if the game that once had a really great and active forum, responsive and friendly developer, died just due to spammer attack in forum. So, i just wanted to know, IS Mazebert TD really discontinued? An official blog post would be nice... (i know, i acted like a kid posting twice)

Hey hey, sorry for the late reply. There is not much I'm doing with the app at the moment. But the game is not dead! I'm working on two projects currently: - write my own forum, with even tighter game integration, since I'm super annoyed with the spam received via bbpress (hopefully this will be done within the next month) - prototyping and working on Mazebert TD 2, with focus on multiplayer and desktop PCs (this however might take even years ^^) Cheers Andy