Frog after DoL

When the DoL season is over, Frog will receive a significant buff. This tower was meant to be a feared boss-killer. But currently our little Frog is very underpowered. Frog is going to get the Toxic decomposition ability, causing his venom to penetrate 30% armor. Plus, the poison damage per level will be increased from 1% to 2%. I hope we're going to see more Frog builds after this change. What do you think? Would you give him a chance after the buff?

Exited to try it out :)


played a couple of games to understand the possibilities of a frog (one won). the main problem is the killing of mass waves in midgame. but like a semicarry frog should be good.

Frog definitely sucks against non bosses or in the survival but he could be a viable tag partner. By suck I mean the poison mechanic let’s him hit the enemy more than necessary which might let him hit other creeps not enough to kill. He could use reaver to circumvent this. Similar to solara which is a very strong tower.

Frog does have good base damage, and at low attack speed, the poison usually kills before he attacks again, assuming the next hit would be overkill. I've tried out the frog as he currently is, and he does quite well for himself. The slow attack speed and limited range against mass is the biggest problem, of course. Anyway, I agree that he is a challenging tower to use, and weak compared to a pack of wolves, but he is pretty strong if you give him a chance. With these buffs, he might be a viable carry with enough attack speed and dandelion snow globe.