Get ready for Mazebert TD 0.10.0 RC 1

Mazebert TD 0.10.0 RC 1 will be released on Friday night this week. I hope all testers are ready to rock this version :-) PS: This is an internal release. The public release to the app stores will happen one to two weeks later!

I'm ready to find out new glitch ! :D And I'm ready to play some game nicely too :3

nice nice nice nice

Why isn't it Friday already! Haha. I'm super hyped!

lookin forward to it

cant wait to try it

Hmm, if you need another beta tester, I'm game!

How i can play this vers now?

Cireka, this is for beta testers only -release. Public release comes out in 1-2 weeks from now. I can't wait... Few more hours...

Sure thing! I added you to mantis, you should receive a invitation mail shortly.

I can to test.. anybody can give test download link?

off to try it out now! :D