Golden Grounds cleared

Woot, woot! The golden grounds have been cleared for the first time! It didn't take longer than roughly one week after the release of the new version! Congratulations Margock for surviving 578 seconds in the bonus round after beating the map! (200 waves, Easy). His personal deck contained of: - 24/37 golden towers - 14/19 golden potions - 30/53 golden items Now, who will be next? :mrgreen: golden-map

Ty Andy :) though I have to say Seelenrei├čer really made my game.

I thought I would eventually beat golden grounds due to Demon Blade but the dang thing never even dropped on my winning round. BTW... Much easier to beat if you limit yourself to one discipline. Especially if you have Huli and Herb (or I suspect Shadow or Holgar alone, but I didn't have those). Andy, if you spend skill points on Scepter you should be able to purchase gold version. Game is boring after getting used to it faster. Won't do golden again until I get it.

Just finished golden! That damn unfair Random: 13/37 Towers 8/19 potions 9/53 Items 4/8 Heroes Why do I have much less golden cards then Margock?

And I do not even have that Seelenrei├čer thingy >< That was pain.

I guess so :-D That's really not much cards to deal with! Congratz that you managed to still clear the map with the cards you had!

Congratz for clearing the golden grounds :-) By Demon Blade do you mean the Blood Demon tower? Cause the demon blade itself can't drop, it can only be summoned by this tower. Right about the Scepter ^^ But I have no idea currently how to improve the situation, but it sounds like you have an idea. Can you explain what you mean by purchase golden version of the Scepter after investing the skill points? Cheers!

Sorry I meant Blood Demon didn't drop. Clearly I was too tired to realize I was nature only. I'd love it if you simply added an 8th skill point into Scepter that made it in your hand AND golden. That way high level players get to speed things up.

Ahh, alright :-) Thanks for clarifying! Oh, I see, nice idea about the Scepter! I just created a ticket for it!