Hands on your golden cards

A new cool feature of player profile pages! When hovering over a golden card, a preview picture is loaded and displayed as overlay. It also works on mobile devices, simply tap on the card's name there! golden-cards-hover-1 golden-cards-hover-2

Hello Andy, I've just realized, if you hover over the lowest Card, some of the Information is not readable. It happens to be outside the window and since you cant scroll down... you cant read the card information. (Tried it one a random profile with a decent amount of Cards, so you had to scroll down to reach the last one. Using Firefox on Windows. Example: https://mazebert.com/player/5567/ if you scroll down and hover over the last card, about 1/3 from he bottom is cut off, maybe optimise the poistion of the card?)

Thanks for reporting. You're right! I created a ticket for it. Cheers!