Holgar adjustments

Check out the new Holgar that will come in version 0.9.3! [caption id="attachment_2974" align="alignleft" width="200"]Adjusted mead bottle. Adjusted mead bottle.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2975" align="alignleft" width="200"]Bad-ass Viking Helmet! Bad-ass Viking Helmet![/caption]
The big problem with the current Holgar is, that he produces an endless amount of (rare!) mead potions. The mead potions themselves are pretty weak, but you can gamble two of them to another rare potion. Thus, the following changes were made: - Changed rarity of Mead Potion to common - Per wave of creeps only 1 Mead Potion can drop On this forum thread there were already some great suggestions made, how to improve Holgar and make him a more interesting character to use in the game. So I did the following additional changes: - Buffed Mead Potions so that they are more interesting to use (see image) - Added Viking Helmet item, which can make any tower become a Viking ;-) (thanks glamrune for the idea!) How do you like it? Does this make Holgar more attractive to play with?

Hey as long as we don't loose the Helm of Hades this seems like an excellent idea :D

remove the 1% chance to miss the target to make it more attractive... correct me if im wrong if you drink 100 bottle that is 100% miss right? so we will just use the bottle to make other potion rather than to used it and miss the target... just saying...

Just another worthless yellow item to mute. Holgar is now completely worthless... again... he was pretty garbage at 2 range to begin with anyway. Approx 220 blue potions from mutes if you choose him as carry... good luck with that.

I just altered the artwork of the viking helmet a little, so that it's not confused with the Helm of Hades :-) Glad you like it!

That's true, the concept of Holgar (by his creator) is that YOU have to decide at which point it makes sense to stop giving him Mead to drink. To make it more attractive I gave the potions a pretty strong buff: Damage: 7% -> 14% Crit chance: 1% -> 2% Crit damage: 10% -> 20% Miss target: 2% -> 1% Imagine 10 potions of that, will give you 10% miss chance but quite a huge buff in terms of damage. Decide on your own how far it makes sense to push him :-) If you decide to stop, you can still gamble the potions. Or gamble the potions from the very beginning... Up to you! Also, luck reduces miss chance!

What would you change on Holgar then? Btw. the max. 1 drop per wave still counts in the bonus round, it's per wave spawned, although in the bonus round it's not that clear that those hordes are several waves ;-)

When he misses he gets 25 percent stacking speed bonus for 2 seconds that refresh on each miss and drops if he doesnt miss in 2 seconds. Caps at 1000 percent.

Problem with that is that I'm out of space on the card already to add/explain another ability. And I wouldn't like to remove the double axe throw, because that one evens out the miss already quite a bit as he has two projectiles to attack with (that even can double hit bosses).

I think I won't like it, 1 potion per wave is making him ridiculously pointless. I probably wouldn't even consider placing Holgar again. I don't know how to make him stable but this is not how. But I may be wrong, I'll see.