Hotfix 0.3.3

  • Fixed memory leaks reported by Glowackos on the Windows and Android versions.
  • Improved performance. Android users reported a high battery drain of the App, so that should now be better too.
For trying to beat the nightmare and hell challenges I can only recommend you try it with this hotfix. Sorry everyone who experienced the same annoying situation than Glowackos!
Btw, your phone app keeps freezing up after around 20-25 waves, usually when scrolling through towers/items. And on computer, it froze for me at wave 99, but from like wave 75 onwards, all item icons had disappeared, and at around wave 80, i upgraded a scientist to bear hunter, but nothing happened (other than me losing 2.5k moneys and the tower card being used up). So you might have some memory management issues on your hands. OR all my devices are shit. Enjoy debugging!
You can download the latest version for your platform on the downloads page. The Android Update might need a few hours before it is live on Google Play.