Huli Lore!

There's now lore for Huli the Monkey! Let me know what you think 🙈! In Nature’s jungles, there is just one law: Do not mess with Huli the Monkey. Especially not in front of his ladies. “Dear dead gods, he’s on my head!” screams Jarad the giant. Huli has scrambled atop Jarad’s forehead and begun beating it like a pair of bongos. “The damn crazy monkey’s on my head! Jerome, get him off me!” Jarad’s partner, Jerome, takes aim and swings his massive, wooden club at Huli. Or rather, he swings his club at where Huli had been. Because Huli has already dodged Jerome’s strike, and latched himself to the giant’s club. In the trees encircling the action, Huli’s female admirers hoot and swoon. Urged on by the cheers of his chimp co-eds, Huli runs up Jerome’s club and then the giant’s arm, grabbing a pair of bananas with his tail along the way. Before Jerome can swat him away, Huli dives across the giant’s body, hurling the bananas in Jerome’s eyes as he falls. Banana-blinded, Jerome accidentally beans Jarad with his club a couple more times before stumbling into a tree himself. Both giants are down for the count, and Huli is resting safely in his fan club’s arm. Which is just another day, for the King of the Jungle.