Impatience's Wrath finished!

Tonight I finished the Impatience's Wrath set. It was the challenge reward for Moknahr in a challenge from end of last year. Shame on me, this now comes pretty delayed. But the set itself is brilliant. I just had a testrun with it and it promises loads of fun for the next release! Thanks Moknahr for your patience and the brilliant set suggestion. Hint: I trimmed the set down from 4 items to 3, other than that I left if mostly unchanced, just slightly balancing the numbers. impatience-1 impatience-2 impatience-3

Wow, for you I could say that you are very user-friendly, active here on the forum, rather than laying low, coding in your corner and every two months giving a sneaky peek in here and then announcing a "big update". For first when I tested the game, I thought it's a bit boring. Then I gave it a chance and now I'm almost in top 1000 with lvl 38! Is there a place we fans can share our pics and thoughts? (Asking before checking... Real wise thing to do.) Dragonese

andy any word on how this will effect bear hunter unrelenting force feels like it would be OP on him as he is "always" attacking

Theonly; Good question. I think Andy has the coding set up using the following: Since the Bear Hunter technically isn't "'always' attacking", he is more prepping for an attack. The coding may be set up to having the towers attack (damaging) a target. However, I'm not Andy and didn't create the coding. Andy, can you provide your input when you have time? Theonly may have a very valid point here.

ON_ATTACK trigger does not work on Bear Hunter. Technically he is never directly attacking creeps, but laying out traps. ON_DAMAGE trigger works again for Bear Hunter as the traps damage the creeps. But as far Imaptience's Wrath is concerned, this doesn't help Bear Hunter. Good catch though!

Andy, I discovered Mazebert a few days ago and I'm in love! Already level 60 in the ladder :D My comment on the set is that the combined effect of the three cards seems crazy, really powerful, however taken separately the two first card are useless. They offer much less added speed than offer cards, so they probably will never be used alone. Maybe increase a bit the speed bonus of Last train of the day, to make it better than the 7L boot? Thanks for your great work!

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words! Very much appreciated :-) Also, the last train of the day can still be useful, as - its a uncommon item that has a higher/earlier chance to drop than for instance the seven league boots - although it reduces crit its still interesting for low level support towers (like beaver for stun) Same counts for the Watch, it outperforms the smelly leather boots, due to the malus nothing for your carry, but for a support :-) What do you think? Cheers Andy

Yes understood! I agree with you then, I was more thinking in terms of later stage in a game, but you are right, these are useful early on!

one question, what if I skipped on earlier levels before completing the set, does my earlier skip in low levels counted?

With me they seem to count. When I first time finished the set, it gave me 350-500% increase to attack speed.

I wouldn't say that Last Train has higher drop chance... Could fed 12 7L Boots to Mr. Iron while not seeing a single train.