Items produced by the Dark Forge

The following 6 items can be produced by The Dark Forge. To decide which items should get a dark version, was actually pretty easy: All items made of metal/steel ;-)! Note that the dark version of Meat Mallet is based on a new item that will come in 0.7. di0 di1 di2 di3 di4 di5 I'm excited about next version and what strategies are going to arise around The Dark Forge! What do you think about it?

The mallet seems to strong! If you add my set, it could be forged, too. It`s nothing metal, but it`s really dark ;)

Mallet got adjust to crit malus instead of speed malus. Thanks for the hint! Uhhh, a forged set, that's sounds nice :-)

Hmm, those are good and all but most of them you wouldn't want to ever use. Probably only the 2 rares and maybe mallet. They need to have some added bonus to make them worth equipping. Or if you get 4 of the same dark forged item you can cube them to add a special effect and lower the XP loss? Ex. Superier dark baby sword with the added ability of .25% attack damage per level and only 10% XP loss. Perhaps even 4 Superior Dark Baby Swords turning into a long sword (unique) 10% damage, .25% damage per level, +1 range & 10% Xp loss from kills. Each item can get a superrior and then unique version. Superior items add 1 minor ability or enhances current ability 5% reduced xp loss Unique item change adds 1 special ablity Ex. Range up, XP gain up, XP devide (10%xp gets devided to all towers in 1 range) ext. 5% reduced xp loss

Well, one benefit would be if you lack items :-) The other one would be to use the forge as your carrier! With enough items on other towers + ganesha + keys of wisdom this could become very interesting. Right now the dark items are exactly like their counterpart, plus the xp drain. What's the general feeling guys? Should the dark items be buffed compared to their counterparts?

I think the main problem with them would be your carry would end up with to little XP with out keys. Potions and on level effects of items will end up with a weak end game tower. Add in multiple of the Dark forged items and you WILL fail.

I added a unique item that can be created by the forge. But its secret for now :-) Plus, I reduced the tribute effect from 20% to15%.