Known bugs so far

I've been quite busy fixing bugs that occured with the new version! The most annoying one, when loading a game you get something like this: Error: Oh shit, we have a dsync during loading. Expected: -1791210489, actual: 132561663(My turn: 25200, theirs: 25200 If you run into it: Please keep your savegame, you will be able to load the game again after the next bugfix release. I will submit a new release tomorrow with those bugfixes (and all that will be fixed until then): - Allow to recover from dsync errors when loading a game - Correctly end horseman music when he is leaked - Sounds are hearable when played the first time on all platforms - Missing button sounds implemented - Fix rare race condition that occasionally crashed the game I'm trying to address as many fixes as possible in the next release so that you don't need to download too many versions.

Hey Andy, I have experienced some graphic issues where the menu can be seen behind the water. I could provide some screenshots if they would help you.

Thank you for reporting! I received this error now from multiple players. Seems to be happening quite a lot with the new version. I've added it to my to-fix list!