Kvothe, the Arcane

hard-mode-hero Last thing that was missing was his name: 40% voted for Kvothe, so here we go! Looking forward to playing with this guy?

Uhm well, no ^^' The thing is, i got all the Wizard Levels i need... So the hero is "wasted" on me. But i guess, if i get him i gonna use him once anyway, just to say "I used him". And thats the problem i see on the Card. It's only useful for early levels. Once you reach about level 70, the card is quite unproductive. The questions is: Can you implement it in a way, that it got a rather high chance for low level players to roll it, so they can level their Wizard faster?

Oh nvm... it needs level 60 anyway ;D Would like to see him for level 10/20 or such and higher forging chance =) to be honest with you

@Ontrose who can play on hard at lvl 10-20 anyway? its a card for get to high rank not for skills IMO.. and why did you complain so much about stifmeister and said you would never use a card named stifmeister but when the name you wanted to win has won then you still only want to use it once,, hehehe, haven't read KKC so the name doesn't say much for me but i like it way better than nameless =) peace //

btw i waited for a reply on https://mazebert.com/2015/01/17/vote-for-the-heros-name/ at my reply on your comment on the Poetic Edda comment as you said stifmeister would be an OOPArt, btu it never came... anyway the name is set now and im okay with it but would have been fun to see what you would have answered

Well your comment is there now ^^ bit late but better then never, right? I dont know how balancing is right now, but i made one game on easy and then went on for hard directly afterwards. I like the challange most of the time. And the point i will use this hero only once: I dont really care about my name beeing on the high score for Wiz level. I'm around 77 or so right now and got about all the skills i want to unlock. I just prefer to have a lil speedboost for early or higher dropchance instead of wizard exp. And i think there are more poeple like me, who would agree that boosting wizard exp is much more important on early levels, so you can unlock the skills faster ;) then getting a high score on the ladder. If the Wizard Levels get reset someday, i will of couse use him. But i dont see that coming right now. At least not before the "Light" Deck is done. Oh, and if i feel somethin needs to be fixed/changed i will say it. No matter if i use it or not. Thats what the Forum/Reply system is for, or not? To state an opinion =) if you want to discuss anything, lets open up a forum post instead of spamming here? ^^

Thanks for your feedback! I'm currently just reached level 70 and I'd really appreciate a little experience boost. Still a few skills left I'd like to master completely. So if I would get this guy at level 60 or so, it would help me a lot :-) Also, I made it a high level card, mainly because the way up to level 60 you make quite nice progress. But after you pass this it becomes quite slow.. I also see that right now there could be more motivation to gain higher levels. But maybe this will change when new wizard skills become available in future versions!

yeah same here, the littlefinger hero is my favorite of the 4 i have bcoz i feel he's the most benevolent, i am at same level a few ranks behind you in ladder but if i get kvothe i will most likely use him to get a better rank, (i am of a competitive nature and i want to be No 1 in everything i do =))

Well, im not that much into competetive ;) though i like CS:GO and stuff like that. It's just i dont care about the actual ranking that much. Anyway i take the +dropchance most of the time. Right now trying with +AS. Let's see if i can get my hands on the rare ones :>