0024_stash_512The ladder is finally implemented and will be available in the next version! It is a bit delayed, because of some usability and security concerns that where harder to implement than expected :-) The requirements have been:
  • No signup with email/password required. Just enter your avatar name and you are ready to go.
  • At least a little bit of cheating prevention. As always with client-side security it's 'security by obscurity'. So psst..
  • A traffic payload that comes near to zero!
Now all requirements are fulfilled and I finally have a good feeling about the ladder. You can check out some sample data in the new ladder section. Alternatively, you can check out the rest interface, if your midi-chlorian level is high enough :twisted:. Of course just before the final release of version 0.5 I will swipe the ladder and my sample data, so that we'll have a nice challenge with equal starting conditions for everyone.