Ladder exploited

Last night the unevitable finally happened. The mighty wizard thole made level 99 on the ladder with an amazing amount of 9999999 xp. So it looks like the local savegame protection mechanism was finally cracked. I understand why Blizzard is doing all of their games nowadays online only :-) thole, I hope you are not upset, but I added a new row to my ladder table called 'isCheater' and set this value to true on your record, so right now your account is still there, but no longer appears on the ladder. I know you could easily create the next account, but I really don't want the ladder to get flawed. Any chance you reading this, you could share how you did the trick? Maybe you have an idea to prevent this/protect this better? For this, the only thing I can offer you is your own tower card, maybe a metropolis tower, The Great Hacker. Deal? :-) There is also a discussion in the forum about it.