Looking for forum moderators

i-want-you Want to become part of the Mazebert team? I'm looking for forum moderators on a voluntary basis, who help me to focus more on working on the game again. You should be familiar with the game (at least wizard level 20) and been round the forum for a while (at least 10 posts). If you would like to join the team, please post your application as a comment to this post. Cheers!

Hi Andy ^^ I would like to apply. You can check out my activity on another site for reference of how I http://www.mobafire.com/profile/jhoijhoi-52504/activity; on MobaFire I am a Vet (step down from a mod). I am also an admin of a 1500 member closed Facebook group. Regardless of whether I get the position or not, I hope you do find some people who actively care about the game and end up helping you heaps. Good luck to all other applicants! Thanks, jhoi

Thanks jhoijhoi! We have our first moderator then :-) Very much appreciated! PS: I adjusted your user profile and added you to the new team site! Cheers

Aw thanks! I'll do my best! :)

Hello Andy, I would like to apply also. However, I don't have such a nice background as jhoijhoi. Why do I want to join? Actually, I really like your game that why I keep playing it. But as you know, there is a lot of exploit. That why I would like to help you as much as I can. Even if I'm not in, I will keep giving you information about the "bug" I'm finding during my run. :) Thanks, sarore

HI Andy, Need any help on the engineering side? www.linkedin.com/pub/adriel-velazquez/31/215/2a8/ - Adriel

I'm willing to help moderate the forums andy. I don't have any fancy apps or ever a moderator any where else, but im a big fan of the game, (and have a lot of posts for suggestions and such) and can check forums daily. Let me know

As well , if you need any more Beta testers im all in. I'm a big gamer person , and in WC3 TD's were my thing (i even go back now and then to play some) .

You know I'm already up for that as I suggested the chat thingy a while back. :) Just me me know mate. Good luck to everybody, Manu.

I volunteer as tribute. Unfortunately neither do i have any fancy background nor much time on my side as i am in the black barret . I've been playing this game for long, along with the ancestor,wc3.

I would like to take one for the team, too. Any problems in mobile side of the site and regular checks, I'm your man. I naturally check everything new around here. Best wishes and really hoping to take on for the team, Dragoneses

Hi Sarore, thanks for your offer to help! From what you wrote it sounds like it would be a good fit to assist in beta testing. Especially when I create a new major version with a lot of new features, it is often the case that some of them offer exploits I didn't think of during implementation. If you would help detect those balancing issues early on it would be of great help I guess!

Hey Adriel, very impressive portfolio! Thanks for your kind offer. One item of my backlog is to create a tower SDK, so that other developers can implement their own towers/items/potions to add to the game. Of course, there would need to be a review process for all newly created cards. But it could really help to add more and more content to the game in a more rapid pace. But it probably will take some more time until I have that finished :-D What do you think would such an SDK be interesting for you? In terms of other development assistance someone who is good at creating sprites or drawing tilesets would be REALLY huge quality impact for the game. Right now I'm drawing all the images myself, but I'm more programmer than professional artist ^^ Cheers!

Yay! Welcome on board then, sir :-)

Thanks Manu! Very much appreciated.

Thanks for the offer jrake. Having too less time, I know exactly what you mean :-D

Cheers Dragoneses. To me this sounds more towards tester than moderator? As tester you have direct access to my mantis bugtracker ;-) So you can provide me with a heap of neverending tasks! Which is good, cause there's still a lot to improve!

I play around in Photoshop a bit, maybe I could make something to your liking? I'll give it a go and post in the forums! I'm not amazing, but any way I can help out ^^

Sounds cool to me :D

Can do some beta testing too

Could you please tell me the dimensions of the tiles? Or better yet, if you send me an example file, I'll be able to have a better go. Please feel free to contact me via Skype: xjhoijhoix

If you need any credential I've been a mod in a group chat for a long time.

Hey, yeah I can send you my psd grid including the current tiles of the map. Can also send you a tower example! Can't do it today though (Public viewing XD)

Hey Andy, I would love to be part of the beta testing. When I played a game, once I've won, I'm always trying to find bug on them. Most of time, non expected one, since I really like Tower Defence, I tried to find some on your game and well. There is some unexpected as you know. I can also help on forum if you need more people. However, my coding skill aren't good enought to help you on the rest Cheers

alright thanks andy, You hitting me with both or?

Sent you a mail with the assets! PS: Hope it went through, bout 5 MB.

That indeed sounds interesting. I'll message you my email address if you want to discuss outside the forums. Have you done any preliminary work of generic tower/item models?

Hi Andy! I can't reply to your other comment, but I got your email of the graphics assets and I had a go making a few things. Hope you like them ^^